A Bloody Day

Required number of players: 5, from 12-28 years oldCan you find the killer in time?


A tragic death has taken place in Whisperhill and vampires, werewolves and sorcerers are entangled in a relentless fight. Everyone is a suspect, but there is only one killer! Will you manage to prove your innocence, while finding allies and uncovering the perpetrator?

About A Bloody Day

i. You do not have to solve riddles and escape but to discover the incriminating clues that lead you to the killer.ii. Each player has to act out a role the best they can.

iii. The solution of the mystery requires theatrical improvisation by the players themselves.
iv. You are asked to incriminate a member of your team, make everyone your ally and hide your criminal implication to the case.


Origin: Arrive 30 minutes earlier to buy your ticket
People: 5 ( 12 – 28 year old ) Reservations available for groups (not individually).
Duration: 60`
Cost: 45€ ( 9€ / person )
Phone: +30 2310 850 008
Email: info@spookville.eu
Athanasiou Soulioti, 15, Thessaloniki, 54642

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