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Free & Creative Expression
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The Free & Creative Expression workshop relies on the co operation of various arts (music, theatre, poetry, literature, arts, photography, cinema) and the essential creation that aims to freedom of creation and the emergence of feelings. The purpose of this workshop is to “talk” with the body itself, to free the speech, to give form to thoughts and feelings and worry and fear to be articulated.

The workshop will help the participants to discover through improvisation various theatrical techniques, arts, spontaneity and the unleashing of imagination their personal sensibility and the discovery of “self”.

The main objective of the workshop is through different techniques and discussion to research metaphorically and literally, generally and specifically, the concept of “travelling”. Each participant will wonder in and out of the framework of the team, what it means for themselves this concept and they will try to approach it with the tools that the workshop will provide him with.

The sub units/ concepts for research will trace the course of all the meetings from the beginning of the workshop (day one) to the end (presentation) but also the procedure that will be followed during the meetings with the participants. Each meeting will have a clear objective and theme/concept for research:

  • Beginning
  • Baggage
  • Steps
  • Route / Path
  • Fellow travellers
  • Destination
The workshop lasts for 2 hours every week. Participants can reserve the workshop area for free, to work as a team on the project assigned to them by their mentor.

Workshop Manager: Eleni-Marina Giyertzi
Graduate of School of Drama, Faculty of Fine Arts, Aristostle University of Thessaloniki, specialised in directing and in scenography. Working in theatrical and artistical events.


Phone: +30 2310 850 008
Athanasiou Soulioti 15, Thessaloniki, 54642

Workshop Cost

Cost: 55€/ month (24% value added tax included). All the required materials are included into the workshop cost.