Black Box

Required number of players 4 aged 12-28 and … for those who hide a teenager inside them …
Can you unravel a mystery in the dark?


The night has fallen upon the forest and it is getting harder and harder to solve the mystery…The perpetrator tried to get rid of the incriminating evidence against the crime he or she has commited but left hastily leaving it all behind him scattered around.Your mission is to find all the evidence in absolute darkness.For those who do not feel threatened by the dark, can keep calm and are keen in observation, it is time to prove what they ‘re worth.Try out something different!

A few tips about Black Box

  • you do not have to solve riddles and escape but to discover the incriminating evidence which point to the identity of the perpetrator,
  • each player moves around blindly,
  • the solution of the mystery requires observation and method,
  • the point is to show how well you can move around the dark and uncover the incriminating evidence of the crime,
  • the game is also suggested for people with visual disability who wish to solve a crime.


Origin: Arrive 30 minutes earlier to buy your ticket
People: 4 ( 12 – 28 year old ) Reservations available for groups (not individually).
Duration: 35 min
Cost: 28€ ( 7€ / person )
Phone: +30 2310 850 008
Athanasiou Soulioti, 15, Thessaloniki, 54642

Simple reservation without payment. You must arrive 30 minutes earlier to buy your tickets at Spookville!

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