Creative Poetry

section 13-15 years old
section 15-18 years old


Do you like music? Do you memorize lyrics and you visualize yourself writing your own songs? On the other hand, do you think poetry is boring and when in school it was the class that wished it was over? Well! In this creative poetry workshop we will learn how to combine poetry with music and how to make our own songs. Each of us will be able to creative express ourselves by writing lyrics, creating sound or even music. We will process poems, songs and we will let our creativity loose. With only our smartphones as a tool, we will create our own projects that will be displayed in the end of each cycle.

1st cycle :

  • Introduction to poetry through experience. We use well-known poems and we read them, pinpointing what it was that emotionally touched us. The whole approach will be based clearly on personal and emotional goals without form. We will talk about the real essence of poetry,
  • then we will listen to musicians that based their music on Greek or international poems and wrote music or songs. We will discover that writing music is a form of poetry,
  • in the next stage, either individually or as a team, we will write poems or songs. We will come in touch with different techniques of writing and genre, so that we have more expressive options. The same happens with music writing. Whoever plays an instrument can bring it to the workshop,
  • the aim is to create collective works that will combine poetry and music but also different kinds of art, depending on the expressive preferences of the participant. We won’t pay attention to the “rightness” of the work but rather we will focus on the expression of vivid emotions that live inside of us,
  • during the workshop, the participants will be able to express themselves through photography, painting, music and poetry.
The workshop lasts for 2 hours every week. Participants can reserve the workshop area for free, to work as a team on the project assigned to them by their mentor.

Workshop Manager: Anastasia Panagou
Graduate of School of Philology, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, specialised in Medieval & Contemporary Literature and graduate of Museology Cultural Management, A.U.TH. She has collaborated in Children’s Museum, Future Library, Labattoir Project and in many other educational organisations.


Phone: +30 2310 850 008
Athanasiou Soulioti 15, Thessaloniki, 54642

Workshop Cost

Cost: 30€/ month (24% value added tax included)