Creative Writing

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A well-written story can change your life. We all have one or more to tell and in this workshop will learn everything you need to narrate your own stories. From the first steps to the birth of the idea to how you edit your ownh story, you will acquire knowledge and tools that will assist you to take the first steps in the world of storytelling. What’s more it is a nice chance to get familiar with the display of your work in a safe environment where we all continue to learn. So, what do you think, will you join us?

1st cycle | From the idea to plot:

  • freewriting and how to use it to come up with ideas
  • how to value an idea
  • basic steps to structure a story
  • outlining.

2nd cycle | Basic writing tecniques:

  • show don’t tell,
  • description & setting
  • character development
  • the perfect scene
  • action and consequence.

3rd cycle | Editing 101:

  • basic steps after the first draft
  • kill your darlings; delete and adds
  • dialogue editing
  • how to use beta reader’s first feedback
The workshop lasts for 2 hours every week. Participants can reserve the workshop area for free, to work as a team on the project assigned to them by their mentor.

Workshop Manager: Eirini Anastasiadou
Graduate of the English School, booknerd and Stephen’s King Number One Fan. I love the horror genre and analysing narratives (from books to videogames) is my passion. Oh … and I write books.


Phone: +30 2310 850 008
Athanasiou Soulioti 15, Thessaloniki, 54642

Workshop Cost

Cost: 42€/ month (24% value added tax included)