Spookville Film & Video Production Services

Greece Film Friendly

Spookville expands in audiovisual production & offer you customized services in best quality.

  • Production Office Space

    Full Organised Secretarial Support

    Casting Services

    Crew Meeting Rooms

    Catering Services

    Rental Equipment Storage

    Parking Lot

    Rental Vehicles

  • International Productions

    Email us with production informations and we will advise you on required locations, equipment, crew and on every production needs.

    International Productions

  • Get Permission

    Filming Licensing in Landmarks

    Planning your shoot

    30% Tax Relief

    40% Cash Rebate

  • Find a Location

    Location Scouting Services

    Negotiations with owners


    Find a Location

  • Your Local Crew

    Find required Film Professionals

    Collaboration with North Greece Film Union

  • Studio

    Green Box

    Live Streaming

    Aerial Filming

    360 Photography – Video



  • Covid Secure Filming

    Covid-19 Filming Protocols

    Medical Health

    Medical Supplies

  • Enviromentaly Friendly Filming

    Electric Cars, Vans

    Catering Zero Waste


    Digital Production Sheets

    Enviromentaly Friendly Filming

The Spookville Production Office is available from 11.00 – 21.00 daily after prior consultation of Spookville administration.

Don’t hesitate contact us for further information.